Join Our Outstanding Club, and Make Burningtree Country Club Your "Sweet Home" in Decatur, Alabama


Make Burningtree Country Club Your “Sweet Home” in Decatur, Alabama.

We Offer a Top-Notch Golf Course, Outstanding Amenities, and a Great Group Of Members.

As the Membership Director at Burningtree Country Club, I'd like to invite you to join us – as an individual, or family, couple or corporation. In fact, we've got so many membership options, we're a “sweet home” for anyone! We always enjoy adding new members to the rolls, and it's amazing how quickly and easily new members meld into the social fabric here. We're a quite active bunch, as evidenced by our full schedule of activities.
Not only is this the home of the best golf in Decatur, but we offer you the most complete and finest country club facilities and amenities, too. Some country clubs are good golf and nothing more; some emphasize the social aspects. We give you both!
We also think we're still a pretty good buy, and a hedge against the rising costs you'll find around town. Combine that with the best golf course and Burningtree is your “can't miss” club!
For more details or if you're ready to come out and take a tour or even play a FREE “get acquainted” round, give us a call at 256-355-5827 or click here TODAY!
We look forward to meeting you soon!
Membership and Sales


If you are looking for all the benefits of private club membership, like exceptional course conditions, fine practice facilities and the perfect place to entertain old friends or make new ones then Burningtree is the club for you. To ensure we provide the most relevant and useful information, please complete the request form below.
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PS: We encourage all members, old and new, to be as active as they choose, even come to us with ideas for new activities!