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Have Your Next Golf Outing at Burningtree Country Club!

Dear Outings Coordinator:
As the head golf professional here at Burningtree Country Club, I may be a little prejudiced – but I cannot think of a better venue for your all-important golf outing.
There are many reason why I feel this way, none more important than — we do everything for you so you can enjoy your day with us.
Golf Carts - Country Club in Decatur, AL
One Call Takes Care of Everything! We don't subscribe to the old, “Easy as 1, 2, 3” process here. NO! We feel like it's more of a one-step process: CALL ME! Once you get here your worries are over!
We do a lot of charitable outings, corporate functions, fraternal gatherings – you name it. We know full-well that your annual event has to come off flawlessly. There's no “Mulligan's.” No chance to hold another one later in the season. And if yours is a charitable event, well, a bad performance on your art can have serious financial ramifications.
Wow! That's a lot of heavy burden – and we accept it gladly! That's my confidence in my staff and all of our facilities, and why organizations like the Morgan County Republicans, the American Cancer Society and many others entrust us with their outings.
Call 256-355-5827 or click here to request more information on hosting your next outing at Burningtree.
We Get a Lot of Repeat Outing Business. Why?
Simply put, we do outings the way you as outing coordinator dream them up: perfectly!
What we offer is:
  • A superb golf course. Laying down a challenge for your better golf participants; fun for your duffers.
  • 24,000 square feet of clubhouse space – your hub of activity. Everything from your pre-registration to dinner to awards presentations can be hosted in the clubhouse – casually or graciously.
  • Excellent food! We realize many outing attendees aren't here for the golf, they're here for the grub! Our chefs will impress!
  • A dedicated staff without peer. Our people know and perform their duties flawlessly.
Golf Cart on Golf Course - Country Club in Decatur, AL
Come Out for a Tour and a FREE Round of Golf on Me!
Seeing is believing. I would love to show you our facilities, even get you on the course for a FREE round of golf and then get your next outing booked! Call me today!
All the best,
Jim Settles Head
Golf Professional
PS: NOTE: You do NOT have to be a member to hold your golf outing here. We welcome non-member groups to come to Burningtree and enjoy our great golf course and excellent service.
Call 256-355-5827 or fill out the form to the right to request more information on hosting your next outing at Burningtree.

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